Top 10 Frugal Vegetables to Grow

I’m sure you have noticed how expensive produce is lately so what if I told you that you could grow some of those items for less than what it would cost to buy a month’s supply? Here is a list of the top 10 frugal vegetables to grow. Some of these plants don’t require much space at all and could even be grown on your kitchen counter. Plant now and in a few months you will have a nice supply of fresh vegetables. The key to keeping this project frugal is to use seeds instead of seedlings purchased from a store. A pack of seeds is around $1.99 but will last several seasons. A seedling bought from the store is around $2.99 for a single plant. Think of it this way. If you purchase a single seedling for broccoli or cauliflower, you’ve just paid $2.99 a pound for that produce. That’s more expensive than what you will find in the organic section!

frugal vegetables

Mixed salad greens are a must because they are so versatile in salads and wraps. When they are grown at home it becomes a yummy frugal addition to the dinner table. For a better crop plant salad greens in rows two to three weeks apart. Pick off leaves as you need them and they will keep growing.

Mesclun, Mixed Salad Greens SeedsMixed Salad Green Seeds

Spinach is another versatile salad green and is even more delicious home grown. Spinach will grow for any gardener; so you certainly don’t need experience to grow it. For better results plant spinach in ground or raised garden beds. If you don’t have space then thin containers so that there is one plant per container. For baby spinach, pick off the leaves when they are around 1” in diameter for sweeter leaves.

Ferry-Morse 3121 Organic Spinach Seeds, Bloomsdale Long Standing (6 Gram Packet)Spinach Seeds

Onions in containers don’t do as well as planted directly in ground or raised bed. You need a well draining container that has a good draining soil mixture that contains soil, peat moss, vermiculite and some sand. Plant seeds; thin out to three inches per plant for container or six inches for ground. Container onions will be smaller than if you planted in ground.

Walla Walla Onion Seeds – Allium Cepa – 1 Grams – Approx 285 Gardening Seeds – Vegetable Garden SeedOnion Seeds

Broccoli and cauliflower need a lot of room to grow so it is best they be planted in raised garden beds or directly sowed in ground. Start seeds indoors and thin plants before transplanting to containers. There should be one plant per six inches or a single plant per round sized container.

Ferry-Morse Organic Seeds 3017 Broccoli – Green Sprouting Calabrese 1.25 Gram PacketBroccoli Seeds

Ferry-Morse 3199 Organic Cauliflower Seeds, Snowball (600 Milligram Packet)Cauliflower Seeds

Green Beans are expensive in the store yet they produce a lot of beans per plant, so the price makes little sense. They are also one of the easiest things to grow for the home gardener. Beans have a relatively short growing time, you plant them and in as little as a month and half they are ready for harvest. You must blanch in boiling water before you eat or freeze them.

Ferry-Morse 1424 Bean Seeds, Blue Lake 274, Bush (28 Gram Packet)Green Bean Seeds

Beets and carrots come in many sizes, colors and shapes. They are to be planted in rows of three inches per plant. For both carrots and beets you want loose soil without rocks or hard clay so the plant can dig deep into the soil. Both are a sweet and colorful addition to salads and vegetable trays.

Detroit Dark Red Beet – 400 Seeds – BONUS PACK!Beet Seeds

Ferry-Morse 3023 Organic Carrot Seeds, Danver’s #126 (2.5 Gram Packet)Carrot Seeds

Cucumbers and patty pan squash can be trained up a porch trellis, in a pot with a thick pole, in the ground or raised bed. The options are truly unlimited. The price for cucumber in the store is outrageous considering you get so many on a single plant. Depending on where you live you could be paying .50 cents each cumber when you could be planting them at home and yield twenty pounds or more from a single plant. Patty Pan squash is more costly during the fall months when it gets close to Halloween because of their unusual shape.

Ferry-Morse 3042 Organic Cucumber Seeds, Straight Eight (4 Gram Packet)Cucumber Seeds

Renee’s Garden Seeds – Squash Pattypan Tricolor – Summer Scallop TrioPatty Pan Squash

Frugal Tips/: Stretch your dollars even more by harvesting the seeds from your plants. Squash and cucumber seeds can be dried out and used next season. The onions you thin out can be kept in a shallow glass of water to keep them fresh and let them grow stronger so you can replant them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to harvesting and reusing seeds.

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